Friendicoes SECA

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Friendicoes SECA

No.271&273, Defence colony
Flyover Market, Jangpura Side, 
New Delhi, 
India -110024

Our Mission

Medical and rehabilitation services for rescued animals in the Delhi NCR region as well as across India.

Work and Achievements

Friendicoes SECA is an animal rescue NGO, with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It is one of the biggest animal rescue organisations in Delhi and its neighbouring suburbs.

At any given time, Friendicoes cares for approximately 2000 animals.

As part of its responsibilities, the organization:

  • Provides permanent care for 1000 animals.
  • Runs a shelter-hospital for strays and abandoned pets.
  • Runs an ambulance service.
  • Provides shelter for abandoned pets
  • Runs a free mobile equine ambulance service for working equines
  • Runs animal-birth-control program

The city hospital at Jangpura provides treatment to victims of road accidents and cases of abuse/neglect. Friendicoes also runs an emergency ambulance service. The shelter can arrange pick-ups for accident victims or any other kind of rescue situation.

The shelter runs an adoption programme as well. Abandoned pets and desi dogs are re-homed with loving families. Dogs and cats that require lifelong treatment and those who are not adopted stay at Friendicoes sanctuary, outside Gurgaon.

All large animals and cattle rescued by Friendicoes are also housed at the sanctuary. Including all retired Delhi police equines.

Friendicoes also runs a mobile equine clinic for working equines. An ambulance service travels 6 days a week to provide medical relief services to brick kilns and tonga stands across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Fund Utilisation Statement

For the welfare, medical treatment and rehabilitation of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and cattle.

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