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    • 02nd May

    • 2013

    Possibilities or just an illusion?

    Accoring to reports Bangalore's 52346 crore (US$9.6 billion) economy (2006–07 Net District Income) makes it one of the major economic centres in India. According to the Forbes magazine the city is considered as the one of the “Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities”.

    Bangalore is home to industries of various domains, as the IT, Appliances, Metals, Minerals, Electrical & Engineering etc. The per capita income of the city was found to be 74709 (US$1,400) in 2006–07. Just imagine how much it must have grown to now.

    Here you can also find over 10,000 ...

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    • 03rd Jun

    • 2013

    The Runners from Analog Devices India, were an awesome bunch of highly energetic people who ran for Akshara Foundation. While most of them were first timers, they all conquered the 10kms within the stipulated time. The inspiration, the music and the dhols kept them going! Sridevi Warrier, Garima Bansal,Himanshu Srivastava, Manu Nair and Dhirendra Tiwari share their experiences.
    Sridevi Warrier says “Out of 25 who registered for the TCS10K, 23 participated in the race. For most of us it was the first time and all of us finished the race well below 100 minutes target time. Those who have participated ...

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    • 15th May

    • 2013

    They have done many a battle in the board room, but this  battle will be on the race track of the Sree Kanteerva Stadium. The competition is expected to be intense and fierce.

    The TCS World 10K Bangalore 2013, will see the introduction of teh CEO Dash, a concept aimed at involving leaders of leading companies in Bangalore.

    The companies that have fielded corporate care teams supporting a charity, will race against each other over 400m to earn the tag of the "Fastest and Fittest CEO'.

    The CEO DASH is scheduled to be flagged ...

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    • 28th May

    • 2015

    The TCS W10k run 2013 was a great event for Akshara . Akshara Foundation was well represented at the run by a strong contingent of 69 runners. While 36 runners opted for the 10k run, a number of 33 runners participated in the 5.7 kms majja run.

    Through the Run, we not only were able to create awareness on the cause , but also manage to raise over INR 6.65 Lakhs so far. This is almost 1 Lac more than what we raised last year from the Run as on June 2012. We are looking forward to more donations in the next 3-4 days . 


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    • 31st May

    • 2013

    Why do people run for a cause? Sounds good to say you're running for a cause, of course, but really, why do people do this? And how does it help a cause? A quiet and anonymous donation does benefit a charitable organization. On the other hand, saying that one is running to help raise funds not only benefits the organization monetarily, but the organization too gets to be known by a lot of people who may want to support it in many different ways. Runs lead to awareness. And so it was my pleasure to run for Akshara Foundation, ...

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