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    • 13th Nov

    • 2013

    India Inclusion Summit

    - Sunil Prabhrakaran

    India Inclusion Summit is an inspirational platform that brings awareness and drives inclusion of specially abled people at Corporates, Schools, Policy making bodies, NGO’s and Parent Associations.
    The summit spreads awareness of disability through popular mediums like movies, sports, books, music, art, performance etc. and leverage the work and support of public personalities to create awareness in mainstream society on the need for inclusion and acceptance of differently abled people. The summit is a platform to identify and discuss roles and responsibilities which organizations and communities could play to help people with disabilities realize their full potential and ...

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    • 12th Mar

    • 2014

    We had a conversation with another representative of an NGO. A chat with Trees For Free.  They gave us an insight to their experience of TCS W10K 2013.

    How did you go about raising funds last year? 

    We developed contacts with the software companies, but most of the funding was done by individuals. The personal contacts and networking through friends comprised the major source.

    How helpful has that funds been to the organization and the beneficiaries?

    The funding covered cost of only planting trees which is our major activity. The office do not function as there ...

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    • 27th Mar

    • 2014

    In Conversation with U&I

    - India Cares

    Our conversation with the most youthful NGO of TCS W10K 2013. in conversation with U&I.

    How did you go about raising funds last year? 

    We approached a lot of individuals from the Corporate to run for us. We also did a sign-up campaign for the run and we used social media channels like Facebook and Youtube where we made a small preview video for the run before the event had started.

    How helpful has that funds been to the organization and the beneficiaries?

    The funds have helped the organization to give more services to the beneficiaries, also ...

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    • 24th Apr

    • 2015

    TCS W10K - The Run Festival

    - Aakriti Dhungana

    The increasing number of ‘marathons’ in India are helping to create a shift in the minds of people towards running and philanthropy. More and more people are running in their daily lives. Many more are joining are joining in the growing number of events and many more people are understanding that these events create opportunities to raise funds for a wide range of ‘good causes’. Globally this understanding has been growing, especially over the past fifty years. In India, the movement of linking running to raising funds for good causes began in 2004 with the establishment of the Standard Chartered Marathon in Mumbai: momentum ...

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    • 22nd May

    • 2014

    Padmini Purushotam

    I am extremely overjoyed to share this with all of you my family, my friends and the people reading this blog.  

    Last Sunday, I was with Treesforfree.org, but was sitting in the VIP Marquee as one of the fund raisers and watching all the runners, Puneet Rajkumar and John Abraham giving away the prizes during World ...

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