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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India

Project Name : Compassionate Cittizen

One of PETA’s most important projects is the distribution of free humane-education material to schools. We would like to expand the influence and reach of Compassionate Citizen, PETA’s humane-education programme, throughout India by increasing its distribution and promotion. We plan to work with specific schools, both private and via the government, which are likely to be receptive to the programme. We will also train educators to teach the programme themselves and will provide them with the tools they need. Our ultimate goal is to be able to reach every school in India. To achieve this, we plan to get the programme officially incorporated into more school curriculums by meeting with relevant government officials on a frequent basis to promote the positive impact the programme achieves and update them on our progress. We will also produce an updated video for use during the Compassionate Citizen classes incorporating new information about animals’ emotions, intelligence and the suffering animals endure and update our teaching tools.

About us

PETA was launched in January 2000 in Mumbai. Our investigative work, public-education efforts, research, animal rescues, litigation efforts, special events, work with celebrity volunteers and generation of national media coverage have resulted in substantial improvements to animals’ quality of life and saved countless animals’ lives.

  • Duration
    1 Year

  • Total Budget
    Rs 49.88 Lakh

  • Project Location

    Schools across country

  • Numbers to be impacted

    Across India

  • CSO Contact Detail

    Mr Vinay Chaturvedi
    PETA India, PO Box 28260, Juhu Maharashtra, India-400049
    Phone Number : 022-40727382

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