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The Leprosy Mission Trust India

The Leprosy Mission Trust India

Project Name : Reconstructive surgery for people affected by leprosy

Reconstructive surgeries in leprosy is performed to correct various deformities caused due to nerve injury. It includes clawed hand, wrist drop, eyelid correction, foot drop, collapsed nose, nerve decompression, ankle and PIP joint orthrodesis. In this proposal we will include only clawed hand and foot drop as these are the most common deformities. We plan to do Reconstructive surgeries in 1000 cases for hand and foot deformities. 400 people will be restored in the first year, 350 in the second year and 250 in the third year. The proposed project is for three years in the initial phase. The project will cost after excluding our contribution Rs 1.10 crore in the first year and over three years will cost Rs 2.77 crore. TLMTI will bear the cost of OT charges.

About us

The Leprosy Mission works globally, with individuals and communities disadvantaged due to leprosy by addressing their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs in order to uphold human dignity and eradicate leprosy. In India, we have been working for 141 years and have touched the lives of millions of people affected by leprosy. TLMTI is the largest NGO in India working in the areas of healthcare, education, sustainable livelihoods, community development, advocacy and research through its 14 Government Recognised Tertiary care Referral Hospitals, 6 Vocational Training Institutes, Media Centre, a state-of-the-art Research Laboratory and various Community-based development projects across 8 States in the country (Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, UP, West Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.)

  • Duration

  • Total Budget
    Rs 2.77 Cr

  • Project Location

    8 States

  • Numbers to be impacted

    1000 persons

  • CSO Contact Detail

    Ms Nikita  Sara
    CNI Bhavan 16, , Pandit Pant Marg New Delhi, India-110001
    Phone Number : 0120-4077200

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