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THANK YOU FARMERS : A support for good deed

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SayTrees Environmental Trust

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THANK YOU FARMERS : A support for good deed

Follow the paths that your breakfast took. Think of the work the farmers do for you. The care, effort, and time those farmers gave to give you one meal. farmers feed you and me. 

If anyone protects the environment, it’s farmers. Farmers care for the land and protect it. They preserve the land by soil and water conservation. 

SayTrees is working as a support system to help, empathise and support our farmers. We need to support them for ourselves and for our next generation as well.

An average of 350 saplings can be planted with one farmer, so to support one farmer we need Rs 35,000/-.

We urge you to find some time with your permissible wallet share to help at least one farmer's livelihood. Our every small penny is going to make a difference in their lives.

Kindly support a cause of good deed!

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SayTrees is a professionally run group of ordinary people extraordinarily determined to protect the environment not just by themselves, but also by sensitising others.

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