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Championing the CherYsh cause

Ethan Martin, Abhinav Senthil, Yash Chandra Shekar


CherYsh Trust

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Championing the CherYsh cause

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world "Nelson Mandela".

While many of us are fortunate to have easy access to good education, there are so many children out there who struggle for it every day.

CherYsh Trust is dedicated to providing quality learning in village neighbourhoods. These villages are in the hard to reach villages of Northern Karnataka – Haliyal.

The CherYsh Shikshas (After-school Learning Centres) target all-round development of children through quality support to their learning needs. The goal of Shikshas is to encourage neighbourhood-learning spaces where children enjoy learning, nurture aspirations, and thereby progress.

The Shikshas incorporate vibrant curricular and co-curricular modules. The focus is to improve crucial competencies such as English language skills, Numerical Skills and Computer knowledge.

CherYsh needs a budget of Rs.4,50,000 in the year 2017 – 18 towards Student Support- work books, learning materials,  sports goods, support for extra-curricular talents  for more than 1000 children .

The three of us are running TCS World 10K Marathon to support CherYsh’s effort to bring learning support to children who are deprived of quality education. Our goal is to at least raise Rs.1,50,000 towards this Cause.

We believe you will help us realise this goal for CherYsh as we run this marathon. Be generous and help us support the children of Haliyal

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Transforming lives of rural girl children from early learning to sustainable livelihoods.

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