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Running For The Cause

Dr Sangeeta Saksena and I established Enfold Proactive Health Trust in 2001 in response to the rising incidence of sexual violence against children. I was moved by how the child was shamed and stigmatized within the family and neighborhood, and even during the lengthy medico-legal process.  

Enfold's approach to addressing the issue of Child Sexual Abuse expanded beyond ‘prevention’ to include the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Service for those who have suffered sexual abuse. 55 children and their families have availed of this service.

My personal goal from the TCS 10KM run is to raise Rs 2,50,000 towards Enfolds Rehabilitation and Reintegration Service.  This free service involves Enfold’s registered support personnel hand-holding the child and family through the mandated medico-legal process, and providing psycho-social support for their rehabilitation and reintegration.

Besides, at a structural level Enfold has enabled the setting up of 11 Collaborative Child Response Units or Single Stop Centres across India to facilitate an integrated approach to the medical examination, forensic evidence gathering and counselling. Stakeholders including the police, medical professionals, prosecutors, as well as teachers and school principals are trained in the protocols recommended for handling a case of sexual abuse. They are also sensitized to be more child friendly

Every Rs 20,000 you donate will enable us to provide this precious service to the many children who suffer sexual violence. Please donate generously to help me reach my goal to continue to extend this crucial service free of cost.

Thank you!

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Enfold works to prevent child sexual abuse and provides support to those who have faced sexual violence.

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