Tamahar Trust

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Tamahar Trust

Apt 301, 23 Venkat Vihar, 12th Main, 
15th Cross, Malleswaram, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560055

Our Mission

To empower children by giving them the sense of self-image, self-esteem, and self-respect, their parents and caregivers by extending our support in every which way we can and assist them in pursuing their goals for their children. To extend our support and pass on knowledge to all fellow professionals in any capacity we can. 

Work and Achievements

Tamara works in the service of children with special needs, was founded in 2009. Special Needs includes a wide amount of issues related to brain damage, for example Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Genetic Disorders such as Rett Syndrome, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, and more.

Currently we are working with over 60 children in Bangalore, and 10 children in Pali (Rajasthan), between the ages of 0 to 21 years old, who come from all socio-economic backgrounds; through the medium of holistic developmental intervention (combination of occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy), arts and basic education. As we progress in helping these children with special needs, we realize the enormous attention that needs to be focused on the vast number of children who suffer from this syndrome of Brain Damage. Children are often not diagnosed for years. This creates huge problems especially amongst low income groups. At Tamahar, we are committed to alleviating this unfortunate situation. We intend to reach out to many more children and in different rural parts of the country from Karnataka, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, especially in the backward areas where such services are not easily available.

Aim and Objectives

  • To identify, assess, diagnose and intervene children with possible brain damage.
  • To provide intervention which is technically designed through early intervention procedures so as to minimize the handicapping conditions.
  • To provide holistic program for complete development.
  • To provide basic pre-school/school abilities to children with special needs, such that they are able to make maximum use of academics when they join the mainstream schooling.
  • To incorporate social opportunities for the children.
  • To educate the parents of the special children about the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ depending on the condition of their child.
  • To provide other additional world-class interventions like EMG Biofeedback, conduct research in other interventional processes like Yoga therapy.


Fund Utilisation Statement

Funds will help us continue to provide programs like Sports, Arts and dance, for children with special needs, in Bangalore.

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