The Cancer Charity

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The Cancer Charity

A-50 , FF, 
Sector 61, 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 
India -201301

Our Mission

A world which has empathy for cancer patients by providing them care and support.

Work and Achievements

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. It accounts for 7.4 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2004. Cancer often creates fear which comes out of ignorance and misconception. More than 30% of cancer cases could be prevented by modifying lifestyle or avoiding key risk factors. About 1/3rd of cancer cases could be reduced if cases are treated and detected at an early stage.

“The Cancer charity” is an independent public charitable trust, which gives high quality care and support to people affected by cancer. Our objective is to support cancer patients, by providing them with medicines, care and food. We reach out to Cancer patients across India, irrespective of colour, caste, creed, religion or class. We work to see each Cancer patient and their family overcome the trauma of Cancer and stand up for life.

The core principle of our work is to provide the love, understanding and empathy oriented support to the people affected by Cancer. Our team takes great pride in giving individualized attention to each person, with greatest respect for their dignity while

1. Providing home-based care by:

  • Visiting patients at their home
  • Nursing and medical intervention like cleaning the wounds, putting medicines and fresh bandage
  • Providing counseling to the patient and their families

2. Providing food and nutritional Supplements by:

  • Providing food to patients
  • Providing nutritional supplement as advised by the doctors

3. Supporting the diagnostic and tests by:

  • Providing safe and effective diagnosis and tests (MRI, CECT)
  • Providing second and third line treatment

4. Providing assistance in chemotherapy and treatment by:

  • Chemotherapy and components of treatment for cancer patients
  • Psychological support and counseling for cancer patients
  • Local accommodation / financial support for travel.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Your donations provide home based care for terminally ill cancer patients and sends their children to school. Funds will help cancer patient receive medicines, food, undergo tests.

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