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Hey Friends!!!

Did you read about Bihar Shelter Home …., and what about the UP one …..  Then what next, our blood boiled ….

And we got down on all kinds of social media criticizing SYSTEM, LAW, ORDER, GOVERNMENT etc….. 

Are you sure these are only incidents or they are just a tip of an ICEBERG or stray news travelled to media…. While I am writing this note there is lot of things going in my mind and I might not get the flow correct…. But will surely leave you with some food for thought and some points to ponder around…

Read a column that our adoption policies and society acceptance … (needs change)

SC quotes “Rapes Happening Left Right and Centre” …..(TOI 8 th August, Front Page)

Our country has 31 million orphans / abandoned children … only 7000 get adopted (my numbers may not be accurate but neither are they far from being correct)

Probably the demonic clutches of Trafficking, Pedophiles, Exploitative Labor and WHAT NOT … awaits the balance…

Social Equality, Children are Future, Justice … etc are words which sound GREEK to them….

What do we do!!! Rant it out on SOCIAL MEDIA …. My job is done ….. Ask yourself again ….

Is it really DONE???

Well I have been a fund raiser through ADHM for last 6 years ….the funds which are raised through PATRONS like you are channelized through Udayan Care.

Unlike most welfare institutions for care and protection lack even the most basic facilities and are unable to provide long term care.This is where Udayan Care differs, by providing family-like setting with counseling or emotional bonding and a homely upbringing for such kids.

Like every year this year also I would be running the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon for noble cause of child welfare and supporting Udayan Care in their endeavor. To ensure that these under privileged children the love and warmth of a family, at Udayan Ghars

Let US catalyze the change, for a better future and a better society for these kids. I would request you to join me in this noble fund raising cause and contribute whole heartedly

Let us not RAN but make an ACTUAL difference … and my friends only you and I can make that DIFFERENCE ….

These funds will be utilized for education and holistic development of the underprivileged kids. Someone sleeping tonight on a footpath might get a chance fulfill their aspirations of higher education and lead a life of independence and dignity? 

I am sure you will join me in this journey of driving change and improving someone’s Quality of Life…….You my friend will fulfill your “INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”

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We transform young lives by Protecting and nurturing vulnerable children and youth Igniting the spark in young women to pursue higher education Creating Livelihoods through digital education

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