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Be a hero for orphaned and vulnerable children!

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Be a hero for orphaned and vulnerable children!

I first met Caroline Boudreaux, Founder of Miracle Foundation in Southern India. She had to come to meet a group of prospective donors, whom I was leading on a tour. She re-counted the story of how her life changed overnight when she met a friend who initiated the thought of travelling to India. The next thing she knew was she was on a plane to India and 48 hours later in an Orphanage somewhere in remote Orissa.

Things were never the same for Caroline after that. This was the day Miracle Foundation was conceived by her. I had the fortune of escorting one of our clients to a MF home in Jharkhand. It opened my eyes. I realised what life is for children who grow without parents and a family. Being someone who was brought up by a single parent, I have some idea. But not having both is something that we cannot imagine. You only realise it when children look upto you for warmth, love and care. And this is what happened to me when young Augustine raised both his hands and never left my side as long as I was there at the Miracle Foundation home in Jharkhand.

Over the years, I have been associated with Miracle Foundation on a personal level. Our company serves as travel partners for their donor trips to India. We also support MF with sponsorships at an individual and corporate level. This is a great cause that uplifts orphaned children and reshapes their lives. Caroline and her team in India and USA are dedicated to this cause. I would request you to come forward and generously donate to this cause.

Please do look up at MF on their website: https://www.miraclefoundation.org/

Please also watch Caroline’s TED Talk, on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXPFPj4cfrc


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Empowering Orphans to Reach Their Full Potential.

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