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Run For a Cause

Srikanth Balachandran (Director - Bharti Group)


Bharti Foundation

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

Run For a Cause

Dear Friends,

I am a strong practitioner of the maxim : Compassion is a potential solution for not just human issues, but also for taking big business challenges.

Bharti Foundation, philanthropic arm of the Bharti Group, works in the field of providing quality education to the unpriviledged children of our country. It today positively impacts 45,000+ school children.

To support Bharti Foundation in making a difference to so many lives in India, I appeal to all my friends and well-wishers to contribute liberally to this endeavour. Your donation is not just a motivation to run at the half marathon but a big boost to our collective efforts in the field of education.

Srikanth Balachandran,

Director- Bharti Group


Brief Profile

A finance professional with rich experience across two reputed oraganizations- Bharti and Unilever. Srikanth has also held positions in Supply Chain, HR and IT. He has been the Global CFO of Bharti Airtel for 7 years and Global  CHRO for 3 years.

Srikanth is a strong believer in the power of purpose. He believes that clarity of purpose provides momentum enough to overcome most challenges, especially those that crop up in your mind.

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Raised Goal



To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential.

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