Deepika Charitable Educational Trust

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Deepika Charitable Educational Trust

1st Cross, Shankarapuram, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560004

Our Mission

Academics and skill training for the marginalized, intellectually challenged, and also children with autism. 

Work and Achievements

“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It is highly important that we respect the students, get their attention and interest, and it is equally as important that we respect our special children too. - Deepika works on this principle. Therein lies the success Deepika.

Deepika started in the year 1998 with three children with special needs and has since grown to more than 170 children. Deepika takes children who have developmental disability, learning disability and children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

There are 40 teachers and 8 therapists.  An average of 5 children are studying with one teacher. We have fully equipped speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, yoga therapy and arts-based therapy units.

Since a number of our children come from lower class and some from BPL families, therapies and training are provided fully free.Transport to these children is also free and it is available for most parts of Bangalore within a radius of 15 kms.

Our Vocational training program "SAMASHRAYA" supports children growing up to be young adults with skills needed to be fully employable. Along with soft skills and communications they receive training for the following vocations  - 

Physical Education Trainer, Beautician, Yoga Therapist for special children, Multi-media and Animation, Baking and Culinary Arts.

Since we charge a very nominal amount as fees and many cannot afford to pay we are greatly in need of financial help for sustenance and to keep the highly trained staff from leaving.



Fund Utilisation Statement

Deepika needs funds for organizing and upgrading infrastructure for the vocational skill building group. Deepika also needs funds for sustaining the highly trained and skilled staff.

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