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    • 01st Apr

    • 2016

    Disability to Inclusivity – Journey of an Extraordinary.

    - Navendu Rashmi and Mysore Ravi Nithin

    India has been witnessing a continual change in the attitude, definition and rights of the disabled since 1912. The Government of India has created policies around special education since the country’s independence in 1947. Some of them being The Rehabilitation Act of 1992 and The Persons with Disability Act, 1995 which enables the disabled community to overcome their right-related challenges. The recently held 2009 Lok Sabha election was the first of its kind national election in which wooden ramps were set up for the differently-abled and Braille signs were included on EVM machines for the blind.

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    • 08th Jul

    • 2015

    The emergence of marathons has been a game changer in the developmental sector. While running was earlier considered only an athletic event, in the recent years India has seen the birth of a new concept “Running to make a Difference.” Since its inception in 2008, the TCS World 10K Run has brought in visibility and funds to a large number of NGOs. By taking part in the run every individual has contributed massively to the various causes supported by the NGOs

    Education is one of the most supported causes in our country. Even today, India’s literacy rate is 10% lesser ...

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