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  • In Conversation with TreesForFree.org
    • 12th Mar

    • 2014

    In Conversation with TreesForFree.org

    We had a conversation with another representative of an NGO. A chat with Trees For Free.  They gave us an insight to their experience of TCS W10K 2013.

    How did you go about raising funds last year? 

    We developed contacts with the software companies, but most of the funding was done by individuals. The personal contacts and networking through friends comprised the major source.

    How helpful has that funds been to the organization and the beneficiaries?

    The funding covered cost of only planting trees which is our major activity. The office do not function as there are no good support.


    Has it motivated you to do better this year? 

    Yes, definitely motivated but due to lack of time and manpower we were not able to focus on the matter. 

    Has the visibility of the organization improved due to it?

    Not sure if the visibility of organization has improved. 

    Your target this year?

    No target set.


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