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They need Adventures Beyond Barriers

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Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation

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They need Adventures Beyond Barriers

A doctor by profession and an avid running enthusiast since the past 8 years, having participated in multiple 10k runs  and half marathons over the years.

India has a population of over 200 million PWD and most of them are from lower economic backgrounds, lacking the facilities and opportunities for level playing grounds.

Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) is a not for profit organization that is trying to bride this gap by promoting inclusivity. Through adaptive adventure and sports activities, ABBF provides opportunities for people (with and without disability) to come together and experience the adrenaline and camaraderie that only sport has to offer.  By spending time outdoors together, they hope to achieve two things –

  1. Spread awareness that the spirit of adventure is not impeded by disability
  2. Ward off common misconceptions about disability that stem from ignorance and feed popular social stereotypes
  3. Increase empathy between the mainstream population and Persons with Disability.

ABBF works pan India, across disabilities. Currently they participate in a range of inclusive adventure activities including marathons and running events, tandem cycling, scuba diving, paragliding, trekking and mountaineering.

To know more visit www.adventuresbeyondbarriers.com or find them on Facebook.

By helping me raise funds you will be promoting ABBF doing the above said activities more extensively to reach out to more individuals with disabilities. Let us come together and create a world of inclusivity.

All donations that you send carry tax exemption privilege and your generosity will play a role in the effort to support the cause.

Thank you.

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