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Running For The Cause

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Running For The Cause

In India, about 52% of the Population studies in government schools and about 55% of them don’t go beyond 7th standard. Together we can change this! Because education is the only way for a better India and we need to join hands in bringing this change.

On Sunday, the 21th May, 2017, I will join thousands of Indians to run in the TCS World 10K Bengaluru and I am running to support Education through Kalisu Foundation.

So what is Kalisu?

Kalisu foundation is a Youth driven organization that provides high quality education to children studying in government school and orphanage coming from low-income background enabling them to maximize their potential and transforming their lives.

Projects of the Organization

PAATHA SHAALA: Children go through a well designed curriculum which emphasize on a more practical and interactive methodology,where the knowledge that they receive at the government schools are cemented in their minds.

AAROGYA: Aarogya looks into answering these by carrying out healthcamp, fitness workshops and seminars there by making health an integral part of their life.

LIBRARY: Project library looks into setting up libraries and making books accessible to kids at school.

Why you should support?

  • Because you know education is the only way towards a better India
  • Because you like to see yourself being a part of a massive change process
  • Because you want to see every rupee accounted for
  • Because you have faith in what we do

I sincerely request you to support this run by your donation to Kalisu Foundation. The funds raised will be utilized to improve the Quality of education in government school

You can make an online payment or write a cheque in the favourof  Kalisu Foundation.

For assistance please call me:  9945130572

Thank you in advance for your support!  Lots of Power to all of you!


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