Yash Shekar Dhriti Bopanna Yogitha Raghavendra

Run For The Greatest Cause.

Yash Shekar, Dhriti Bopanna, Yogitha Raghavendra


CherYsh Trust

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

Run For The Greatest Cause.

We, Yash, Dhriti and Yogitha are 10th Graders from Bangalore International School.

Yash loves sports and plays cricket, tennis and basketball and is also interested in 3D modelling. Dhriti is passionate about theatre and public speaking and has done plays and radio programmes. Yogitha has been exposed to the right values and activities that nurtured a sensitivity in her towards the less privileged.

We are an energetic and passionate YouthCare team and we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and the right to education and this Marathon is a platform to send this message. We have pledged to run and raise funds towards providing a mid-day nutritious snack, peanut ‘laddoo’ to over a thousand children at CherYsh Shikshas - After School Learning Centres, every day. This laddoo, prepared by the women of CherYsh Community Kitchens, mothers of some Shiksha children, costs only Rs 1.28 per laddoo but is a power- packed snack, their only one between their mid-day meal and dinner.

Funds required to provide this nutritious snack - INR 4,20,000 for one academic year.

Please help us to raise funds for this cause by which we can support the children in rural India.

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Transforming lives of rural girl children from early learning to sustainable livelihoods.

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