HealthBox India Trust

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HealthBox India Trust

No.304, Provident welworth City, 3rd Floor
Doddaballapur Main Road, Yelahanka, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560064

Our Mission

To promote women’s health through outreach services, focusing preventive education, early detection and care continuum for Non Communicable Diseases.

Work and Achievements

Health Box India team has conducted 160  specialized  health out reach clinical services  in Urban slums and Rural parts of Bengaluru, screening 8000 women belonging to  lower  and mid socioeconomic group for Non communicable diseases.

Women were screened for Hypertension, Diabetes, Anemia, Respiratory disease, Cancer cervix and Cancer breast free of cost. They were offered counselling using skill building videos in local languages developed by Health Box India team.

12% of women identified with Diabetes, 23% of women identified with Hypertension, 40% of women with anemia have been treated, followed up and connected to care.

60% of women did not know they suffered from the disease as they did not have any symptoms or ignored them.

60% of women underwent Papsmear Test for screening of cervical cancer, 64 women identified with Low grade lesions and 41 women with High grade precancerous lesions of cervix have been diagnosed and treated. 6 women diagnosed in early stages of cervical cancer have completed their treatment.

 5% of women diagnosed with Reproductive tract infections have been treated or guided to care. The patients detected with various NCDs at health out reach clinical services have be followed up by health workers for treatment compliance and control of disease.

Through monthly follow up by Health workers we have been able to achieve and document 50% disease control (Diabetes /Hypertension /Anemia) in a period of just 3 months.

  • Cost per woman for  NCD screening and management Rs. 800/-
  • Cost per woman for  NCD screening , management including  follow up for 3 months - Rs. 2000/-

Fund Utilisation Statement

To conduct Non-Communicable diseases screening programme for women of Low and Mid income population in Urban and Rural Bengaluru.

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