Kalisu Foundation

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Kalisu Foundation

Mysore, Karnataka, 
India -570012

Our Mission

To equip every child with the Knowledge, Skills and Character, required to lead an empowered life

Work and Achievements

In India, about 52% of the Population studies in government schools and about 55% of them don’t go beyond 7th standard. Together we can change this! Because education is the only way for a better India and we need to join hands with the government in bringing this change. 

Kalisu foundation is a volunteer driven organization that provides high quality education to children studying in government school and orphanage coming from low-income background enabling them to maximize their potential and transforming their lives. 

Within two years, Kalisu foundation has touched the lives of 2500 children in 5 government schools through a persistently growing volunteer network from all walks of life with a holistic approach towards educating and developing every child, hoping to give them a brighter future.

How Kalisu works? 

It does by imparting quality education, focusing on life skills, Personality development, Language skills, art and craft, which helps in overall development of every child. Volunteers spend 4 hours in a week to teach these kids at the school. We work on a teacher student ratio of 1:7 which makes sure that every child get individual attention. 

Our Projects

1. PAATHA SHAALA: Children go through a well designed curriculum which emphasize on a more practical and interactive methodology, where the knowledge that they receive at the government schools are cemented in their minds. The learning environment is different from that of the school, where learning is made fun. Field visits are an integral part of paatha shaala where learning takes a practical approach.

2. AAROGYA: It is seen that the knowledge about general health and hygiene among the students at government schools is big question mark and project aarogya looks into answering these by carrying out healthcamp, fitness workshops and seminars there by making health an integral part of their life.

Fund Utilisation Statement

To Improve the Quality of Education in Government schools and will undertake the following projects: 1. Paathashaala 2. Library 3. Aarogya

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