CARE India

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CARE India

Bhilwara Towers 3rd & 4th Floor
Tower -2, A-12, Sector 1, 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 
India -201301

Our Mission

CARE India helps alleviate poverty and social exclusion by facilitating empowerment of women and girls from marginalised communities in India.

Work and Achievements

CARE has been working for 65 years in India to tackle poverty, gender inequality and social inclusion.
Our four focus areas are Health, Education, Livelihood and Disaster Preparedness and Response and we have directly reached out to more than 25 million with a presence in 12 States covering 90+ districts in India.

Education is a tool for empowerment for developing an identity and to increase opportunities that helps in fighting social evils. 15 special training centres in Bihar used Udaan approach, Udaan – our flagship programme was conferred Global NGO Excellence Award by World CSR Group under innovation category in 2015.

Innovations in our health programme were scaled up by the Bihar Government. 3,40,673 pregnant women and adolescent girls were reached out through our project. Under Kala Azar Elimination Programme in Bihar, CARE  trained 1281 spray squads.

Livelihood programmes covers a range of innovative initiatives and has supported 30,000 women in profitably engaging in agriculture and dairy value chains. 67,200 women insured against different kinds of risks as part of financial inclusion initiative.

CARE, in India has been responding to various emergencies for over 65 years and is recognised as one of the major actors in humanitarian response in the country. We have distributed relief material and aided people in UP, Odisha, J&K, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Nepal.

In the coming years, CARE will work to increase its reach, impact and promote action for the empowerment of women.

Objectives of Association
• Five women die every hour in India due to complications in pregnancy and seven lakh newborns die within 28 days of birth every year.
• Help our newborn survival project in Panna district, Madhya Pradesh which has already reached out to 40,000 households to save precious lives of mothers and children thus reducing infant mortality rate in the region
• Provide secure accessible health care and quality nutrition to the underserved communities
• Improve birth preparedness and new-born care in communities
• Ensure equal treatment for male and female babies, in terms of breast feeding practices and care during illnesses.


  • 40,0000 households and mothers and newborns from marginalised communities in Panna district, Madhya Pradesh

Modes of Contributing
  You can choose to donate online here towards ensuring newborn survival OR start a fundraiser OR send a cheque in favour of ‘CARE India Solutions for Sustainable Development’. Our address is- Bhilwara Towers 3rd & 4th Floor, Tower -2, A-12, Sector 1, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India -201301

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds will be used to support many mothers and children who are struggling for their life due to lack of proper healthcare facilities. Focus will be on women and girls from marginalized community.

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