Delhi Council for Child Welfare

    Tax Status: 80G,  35AC,  FCRA

Delhi Council for Child Welfare

Qudsia Bagh, Yamuna Marg, 
Civil Lines, 
Delhi, New Delhi, 
India -110054

Our Mission

Giving Children a Childhood. Helping underprivileged children including the challenged through our programs and services in and around Delhi.

Work and Achievements

All our programs are targeted at children from low income families. Our programs are briefly described below:

  1. Palna - a home for abandoned and lost children in need of care and protection; in-country and inter-country adoption programme; mortality rate negligible; 3000+ adoptions to-date
  2. The Orthopaedic Centre- rehabilitation of physically challenged children through surgeries, therapies and providing necessary aids; 40000+ kids treated to-date
  3. Palna Shishu Kendra- Preparing children aged 2-6 years to attend private school; 400 + kids annually
  4. Bal Chetna Outreach- rehabilitation of children with special needs; 150 annually
  5. Vocational Training Program- impart income generating skills to adolescent girls and the physically disabled – beauty parlour, tailoring, baking, soft skills, computer training, learning English; self defence 500+ annually
  6. Educational Sponsorship- financial assistance for school going children; 950+ annually
  7. Supervised Homework Scheme- academic support and homework assistance for school going children; approximately 300 annually
  8. Working Children’s Project- educational support, training in skilled vocations and integration into schools, for working children, approximately 100 annually

We are extremely proud to see many of our children learning to stand on their own two feet both literally and figuratively, settling down happily in their new families, doing well academically, contributing to their family income and being counted as valued members of society.

We also work with their parents/caregivers of the children through counseling on hygiene, nutrition, childbirth and guidance on importance of education.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds raised will be used towards our program expenses in particular for the special needs children. Our programs are enlisted in the Summary section below.

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