Yoddhas Indian Fighting Against Cancer

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Yoddhas Indian Fighting Against Cancer

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Our Mission

To be the trusted source of information and support for anybody dealing with cancer in India.

Work and Achievements

We represent Yoddhas – Indians Fighting Against Cancer, a social initiative to help and support Cancer patients in India. Rahul Yadav, our founder, started this support group in 2013 a few months after he was diagnosed with blood cancer.

Our key areas of work are:

  • To provide a platform for sharing cancer related information and connecting  cancer  warriors( patients), caregivers, doctors, counselors and families  across the country.
  • To spread awareness about cancer and promote healthy living.
  • To facilitate emotional, psychological  and financial support  to patients.
  • To help raise awareness about Bone Marrow Registries and related issues.

We were recognized by UNESCO for our efforts and been successfully organizing cancer awareness campaigns and events in association with various IIMs, IITs Symbiosis Pune, Amity among others. We have been partners with ADHM for 3 years now and seek your support to help the cancer patients.

We provide support from the diagnosis to rehabilitation which includes support by peer network of patients and survivors and also medical support by renowned doctors. It also facilitates emotional, psychological and financial support to patients.

Yoddhas also strives to raise awareness about cancer, thereby, inculcating healthy living options, especially to the poor in the rural areas, and providing platform for patients/caregiver to be able to stand on their feet. It strongly believes in prevention being better than cure and that awareness is the key for prevention against cancer. Yoddhas currently supports 13000 members across India.

Watch Yoddhas Times now Coverage at - http://bit.ly/Yoddhas1

Fund Utilisation Statement

Towards scaling up Yoddhas operations. Have local offices in various cities and help support patients and also provide financial support to others.

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