Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi

India -441209

Our Mission

AAA working for tribal, rural & urban poor in 9 district of 2 state M.P & M.S. 418 villages and covers 461000 population. 

Work and Achievements

Health:- To reduce neonatal mortality rate 22 in gadhciroli & cahandanpur district in Maharashtra & 24 in shivani district M.P through 125 female village health work through home base neonatal care programme.

Education:- Financial literacy & aflatoon club programme 251 zila parishad school of gadhciroli district.

- Reached up to 15680 boys & girls.

- Trained 303 teachers.

- 120 aftlatoon bank were formed.

Livelihood:- Convergence of MGNREGA with NRLM,

- For livelihood opportunity in kurkhera  block of gadhciroli district in Maharashtra.

- Integrated participatory planning exercise were done in 45 grampanchyat .

- 322977 of person days of work demanded under MGNREGA  through 120 village of 45 grampanchyat.

Women Empowerment Through Women SHG’s :-  

- AAA formed 518 SHG’s & involved 9441 women,

- Last 5 year 350 SGH’s received 1.35 crore loans from nationalized bank for various agriculture & small business and paid 96% of loan.

Community based rehabilitation of PWD’s :- AAA working with 650 PWD’s in 91 village of 3 district.

- 28 PWD’s started their business.

- 360 PWD’s received online certificates.

- 12 PWD’s self help group were formed.

- 92 PWD’s receiving Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Scheme.

- 52 PWD’s worked under MGNREGA.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Community rehabilitation of PWD's in their villages through entrepreneurship training and marketing. Running a regular training center for education pwd's and women & place them for job.

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