Aravindam Foundation

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Aravindam Foundation

Fundacja Aravindam Social Development 828, 
Sector 15, Part II, 
Gurgaon, Haryana, 
India -122001

Our Mission

Solving problems of employment and employability by creating inspiring and sustainable community eco-systems where underserved people gain more opportunities, skills and knowledge to improve their lives.

Work and Achievements

Aravindam disrupts the cycle of poverty by creating a community based platforms and ecosystems for a wholesome growth. Each eco-system has recreational, wellbeing, sustainable development, and revenue generating opportunities with education and learning at its core.

Its proven model is reflected through several achievements.

Model Gaushala in India with 2500 stray Cows: In 2009 a lush green garden with a Gaushala replaced a waste dump in Gurugram by Aravindam efforts. It was awarded the best in the country by Govt of India in 2011.

Prakriti: 200 acres of land have been dedicated to retrieve the native fauna and flora of the Aravalli region in Manesar. Thousands of trees have been planted since 2011. Integral part of every eco-system is dense plantation and sustainability education for community.

Haatmake: Successful skill development leads to quality sampling and product making by 50 women.

Haatmade: Successful marketing support has ben given to 50 women giving them opportunity to earn their income.

Startup-club: Aravindam Foundation provides mentorship to the world’s largest student social entrepreneurship award at 50 top universities across India (with 4500 students)facilitating teams with exploring resources, community connect and protyping base to research, ideate, incubate, innovate.

GurukulKalpataru: The eco-system creates space for community performances, trainings, workshops by children create community wide reach and impact, inspiring and motivating the youth to get involved in extracurricular activities. Around 150 workshops and events take place in one center on a yearly basis. Daily 200 students participate. Many more are influenced

Fund Utilisation Statement

Haatmake: Girls’ Skills Development, Haatmade: Women Financial Empowerment, Gurukul Kalpataru: Children Creative Development. EduClub: Teacher Training, Start-up Club: Social start-ups Incubator, Kamdhenudham Gaushala: Stray Cow Care, Prakriti: Environmental Sustainability Education is core foundation.

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