Magic Bus India Foundation

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Magic Bus India Foundation

3rd Floor, JK Textiles Building, Mehra Estate
Near Jaswanti Landmark, LBS Marg, Vikhroli West, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 
India -400079

Our Mission

Magic Bus works with some of the world’s poorest children and young people, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods.

Work and Achievements

Magic Bus equips some of India’s poorest children and young people with the skills and knowledge they need to grow up and be successful, to move out of poverty, and to take control of their future. These life-skills, ranging from education and gender equality to health and employability, are taught by youth volunteers from the communities, supported and trained through Magic Bus’ unique mentorship programme.

The Magic Bus programme is one of the largest poverty alleviation programmes in India working with nearly 400,000 children and 9000 trained volunteer mentors in 22 States of the country. 

The programme we deliver has a strong grounding in academic research and is based on classical learning theories. Sporting activities and games are structured into each session to make them fun and appealing to our children. Sessions are designed to represent real-life situations and challenges so children are able to relate these back to their daily lives.

Our youth-centered Livelihoods Programme connects the aspirations and potential of young people to existing or new market opportunities, and is based on the premise that livelihoods must be sustainable. 

Our plan for a young person takes into account the resources she has, as well as her interests, to map her job potential based on strengths, and mobility.  

The Impact

The Magic Bus programme is highly effective in the areas of education, employability, child protection, health & gender equity:

  • Education: Enrolment rates among children who take part in the Magic Bus programme is 99%, as against the national average of 90.8%. 98.5% of adolescent girls attending Magic Bus sessions go to school. 14.6% of these girls are in primary school and 85.1% are in secondary school.
  • Better Livelihood: 67% youth enrolled in the Livelihoods Programme belong to Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Classes/ Minorities. 80% of the youth graduating from Magic Bus Livelihood Centres are either in higher education or in jobs.
  • Child Protection: Magic Bus helps build children's confidence in dealing with situations of inappropriate touch. As a result, 70% of children say that they feel empowered to say 'no' if someone touches them inappropriately. As many as 88% of children feel confident about seeking help if someone behaves inappropriately with them. 
  • Health: Magic Bus ensures that each child understands the importance of good health and hygiene. 100% of Magic Bus children believe that they need to be clean to maintain good health and believe it’s important to boil/filter drinking water. Magic Bus children also learn to be fitter. 96% of Magic Bus children play regularly, even outside of the Magic Bus sessions. 

Gifting a Future

Our mentorship-based model operates on economies of scale and leverages existing infrastructure. We are one of the few organisations working at scale where 100% of the funds generated per child/young person go towards delivering a quality-monitored child or youth development programme. To add to this, we also offer one of the world’s most cost effective holistic development programmes, centered on the child or the youth.

This is possible because we run our programmes ourselves, with the help of a large circle of trained volunteers. Magic Bus’ 9000 volunteers work in 2500 of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods,creating change for a group of upto 50 children at a time. In the process, our volunteers transform their own lives as well, getting into higher education and jobs. 

In our programme:

  • One child can be sponsored for INR 1500 per annum
  • One young person can be sponsored for INR 16000 per annum
  • One community programme can be sponsored for INR 75,000 per annum

You too can gift a future today. For foreign contributions, please click here.


Fund Utilisation Statement

The Funding will cover life skills in five domain areas viz. Education, Health, Right to Play, Socio-Emotional Learning and Gender of children and youth living in India.

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