People for Parity Foundation

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People for Parity Foundation

Second floor, Shiv Bhawan, 
89, Adhchini, Aurbindo Marg, 
New Delhi, 
India -110017

Our Mission

Transforming gender norms in North India via capacity building of marginalized youth and community organizations.

Work and Achievements

Inspired by Nirbhaya, a few IIT Delhi alumni set-up People for Parity (PFP) to change mind-sets that promote gender discrimination and violence. With experience across 8 states in 3 years, PFP’s ongoing programs are -

a) Pratiti Fellowship for creating young social actors on gender issues in Delhi, Jaipur & Bhopal;

b) Community Dialogue at grassroots to transform gender norms that affect the rights of women, girls and others

c) Capacity building of government and NGOs on gender issues

PfP earlier developed and implemented mobile technology for women safety ‘Pukar’ in partnership with local police in 4 districts. Overall, PfP has transformed 400 young people as social actors, sensitized 7,000+ individuals and reached 85,000 people.

Some examples of transformation –

Sunil, 24 from rural MP shares, “Till the workshop, I had no idea how gender violence affects everyone. I have now begun to reflect upon instances where I might have consciously or unconsciously perpetrated such violence on someone.” 

Anshavali, 23 from Delhi Police shares, “I learnt how I can have positive attitude and increase my self esteem. I also explored my personal identity and know that social constructs like gender can be changed and I can prevent violence. I have started talking to other staff about gender and will ensure that my daughter doesn't face what I have faced!”

Fund Utilisation Statement

For workshops and community dialogue on transforming gender beliefs and norms, especially ones that affect development and human rights of people. To be implemented in marginalized communities in Rajasthan, Delhi, UP, MP, Haryana, Bihar.

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