Sahyog Care For You

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Sahyog Care For You

22, Basement, Bhera Enclave,, 
Paschim Vihar, 
New Delhi, 
India -110087

Our Mission

“Sahyog” believes in forging ahead and achieving goals through constructive partnerships, lending helping hand and providing subtle nudges.

Work and Achievements

Sahyog strongly adheres to the thought of “When you care enough, you give the best” and has consistently ventured for the last 14 years on the same and aims to do so in the future. Sahyog has consciously selected the most vulnerable of the community i.e. the women and children. Sahyog gives its Sahyog to community by:
1) Offering remedial classes and bridge courses to underprivileged children
2) Providing vocational training and employment to youth
3) Providing training to women through a self-sustained project of the manufacturing of low- cost sanitary napkins
4) Educating women through adult literacy programme
5)  Running SHGs for women
6) Organizing workshops on child sexual abuse, and Presently, the organization is teaching 4000 children through remedial classes and bridge courses, and 5500 women through adult literacy programme 1800 youths through vocational education in 103 centers. Through our other projects, we have been able to reach out to more than 50000 people. All the students are provided adequat infrastructure and regular support from teachers to prevent their drop rate from school.
We are seeking your kind assistance to get involved in community welfare programs
 and willing to work under CSR at all India level to help us in our mission to reach out to a minimum of 100,000 underprivileged people within next two years. Every Sahyog you make will bring smiles to thousands.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Whatever funds we will receive through ADHM will be used for providing education and overall development of under privileged children.

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