Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts

Road No.31, East Avenue, 
Punjabi Bagh East, 
New Delhi, 
India -110026

Our Mission

Focus of work: Serving women and children from under-privilaged families of West Delhi through nutrition, health, education and livelihood.

Work and Achievements

Sanjay Deepak Center for Education –

-Aided Primary and Secondary School. Free education for 900 children. Govt. grant - 95 % of teacher’s salary.

-Remedial Teaching for underperforming children. Children with learning and behavioural problems. Grant from ESSEL Social Welfare Foundation.

-Early Child Care and Education. Pre-school Free education, Lunch and Health Care for 110 Children. Needy Children Fund (SSMI) funded by Sitaram Jindal Foundation and ESSEL Social Welfare Foundation.

Varalakshmi Center for Women Empowerment –

-Samajik Suvidha Kendra -Gender Resource Center, Women from 14 slums, Women –11, 802, Adolescent girls – 599 Children – 1690. Grant from Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Subha” – A new Dawn for women; provide product training, garments, furnishings for different job works like hand printing, hand embroidery, stitching, crochet to women from slums . Fifty- four women certified as Artisans by the Govt. of India. Through Sales; Free of rent premises and utilities provided by SSMI.

-“Supplementary Nutrition to tackle under nutrition of Pregnant and lactating women and children (below 6 years) - 21,156 day beneficiaries. Grant from Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Nirmala Gopalakrishnan Center for Health -

-Comprehensive Eye Care with R.P.Center – AIIMS. Services provided to School Children and slum dwellers. Five Years Data: Screenings - 32,717, Refractions - 18,491 Cataract operations- 1,240 Students screened - 23,690. Funded by Vision for All (Switzerland)

-Targeted Intervention Project - Counselling, testing and treatment provided to registered Female Sex Workers 1117. Funded by Delhi State AIDS Control Society.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Purpose for use of funds: Provide the 800 SSMI school children an opportunity to explore by organizing events in the schools and taking them to various places like Zoo, Museums, Heritage walks. Lectures, dramas etc. and for addressing special needs.

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