CherYsh Trust

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CherYsh Trust

No-24, Indian Social Institute Campus, 
Benson Road, Benson Town, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560046

Our Mission

CherYsh brings learning, skills and livelihood opportunities closer to home for rural girl children and women in the villages of Haliyal in North Karnataka.

Work and Achievements

CherYsh is a registered non-profit organization that that strives to enhance learning avenues for girl children, and livelihood opportunities for resource-poor women in rural India.

Vision: To transform the rural girl child’s life from early learning to sustainable livelihood.

Mission: To nurture the holistic development of rural girl children and women into economic self-sufficiency through knowledge, skills, and tools.

Values: Integrity, Empowerment, Transparency, Inclusivity

The CherYsh framework for change relies on systemic interventions to improve the quality of living for girls and women in rural India. The framework captures three dimensions of a girl’s journey from Learning to Livelihood. CherYsh implements programs along these three dimensions - early learning (EDUCATE), skills and vocational training (PREPARE), and livelihoods (SECURE).

In 2015-16 CherYsh began direct implementation of the Shiksha and Community Kitchen projects, and between 2015-2018, CherYsh covered:

  • 45 villages, with 31 Shikshas, 51 Learning Facilitators, with enrollments of about 1200 children.
  • CherYsh runs 2 Community Kitchens, and established 1 Central Kitchen.
  • 10 Nursing Scholars were supported.
  • Over 50 women earned skills for livelihoods, and 47 earned a livelihood.

CherYsh programs include the following:


CHERYSH SHIKSHA PROGRAM: Early learning support in village neighborhoods through CherYsh Shikshas (After-School Learning Centers).


CHERYSH VAST (Vocational Asset Skill Training) PROGRAM: Preparing young rural women for jobs in the local region. Equipping women through internships, training, and certification courses.


CHERYSH COMMUNITY KITCHENS PROGRAM: Livelihoods from local enterprise, and production of traditional food products sold in local markets.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Funds will be used for development of After-school learning centers; Capacity building for trainers; Providing vocational skills to young women; Promoting entrepreneurship among rural women, Creating micro livelihoods in villages.

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