Participating CSO's

  • Child for Life Fund - St.John's Hospital

    All children from an underprivileged background requiring medical treatment for life threatening illnesses are benefited by this fund.

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  • HealthBox India Trust

    Promote women’s health & improve access to services for non communicable diseases namely - diabetes,hypertension,cervical cancer,Breast cancer,anemia through enhanced health outreach.

  • Karunashraya - Bangalore Hospice Trust

    Provide professional free-of-charge palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients at the 55-bed hospice in Bangalore and through home care.

  • Sambhav Foundation

    Children with developmental disabilities are identified and are provided intensive intervention to help minimize their difficulties.

  • Indian Cancer Society

    To create awareness that Cancer is preventable and curable, facilitate early detection, offer emotional support and medical aid to patients, establish and encourage cancer survivor-ship programmes and  facilitate advocacy and research against cancer.

  • MSF India

    To provide medical care to those who need it most, regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. 

  • Tribal Health Initiative

    THI helps tribals in a forested area in Tamil Nadu in health and community development.

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