Jeevarathni Foundation

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Jeevarathni Foundation

#20 Trinity Orchards Hennur
Main Road, Geddlahalli, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560043

Our Mission

The intention is to give children from underprivileged backgrounds a holistic homely upbringing. Bangalore & surrounding areas.

Work and Achievements

The Jeevarathni Foundation has been in operation for six years now. Registered in 2008, we have 36 children in our care. Jeevarathni takes in children from battered and underprivileged parents, who are unable to take care of them. A child has to have at least one parent and we take the children on an agreement from the parent.  At Jeevarathni we follow a structure of bringing children up in homes rather than being institutionalized. The intention is to give them a holistic, homely upbringing. To support this we have six houses- each with a mother and a maximum of 10 children. The mothers that we employ to take care of these children also come from similar backgrounds. We hope to bring up these children to be equal citizens of the world. Our current focus is to give them a love and a safe haven till they are on their feet. Our Children are sent to a nearby Govt school and our priority is to improve the infrastructure and standard of the school for the local children as well.

In addition to this we focus on their all-round development through Dance, Music, martial Arts, Life skill training and sports at our campus.

To achieve the above we are looking for partnership in:-

  1. Health and Life Insurance cover for the children and mothers.
  2. Sewage treatment plant.
  3. Sponsor a Child/make a donation for Food & Maintenance.
  4. Donate school supplies, children’s clothes, shoes, food supplies.
  5. New Bore- well at the campus.
  6. Help develop and maintain a self-sustaining kitchen garden

Fund Utilisation Statement

To help support the daily needs of the children in term of education, health and upbringing.

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