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Peopletree Foundation

,Tumkur Road, Goraguntepalya, 
Opp. Taj Vivanta, Yeshwanthpur, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560022

Our Mission

To realize a disease & disability free India and empower people to lead healthy and happy lives, by providing quality health care and education facilities for anyone, anywhere in our country.

Work and Achievements

The PEOPLE TREE Foundation is a non-profit organization established by a group of like-minded professionals, who are driven by the desire to make India disease and disability free. The foundation aims to provide services in the fields of:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Health Education & Research

It is unfortunate that even today, 7 out of every 10 Indians do not have access to acceptable healthcare. These PEOPLE have few options but to accept suffering as a way of life. As a part of PEOPLE touch program in 2014-15, PEOPLE TREE Foundation supported 101 complex surgeries, for free in poor needy patients. These surgeries included Joint Replacements, Complex Spine Surgeries, ENT & Head and Neck Surgeries, Complex Pediatric Surgeries, Gynecology Surgeries, Minimal Access Laparoscopic Surgeries etc.

Our Patient’s speak 

“I am Anjum. I was unable to walk properly due to some problem in my back since birth. We could not afford the cost of my surgery. Then we read about the 100 free surgeries initiative by PEOPLE TREE Foundation, in the newspaper and approached Dr. Gowrishankar. Mr.Srihari Chandraghatgi from Japan offered to fund my surgery. After my surgery, I can walk normally now. I am very thankful to Mr. Srihari, Dr.Gowrishankar and everyone who was involved in my surgery”.  Anjum, 12 years old from Rural Village near Chitradurga.

“I am Rajeshwari, Keerthi’s mother. We belong to a middle class family. Keerthi’s ears were closed by birth and she could not hear. We read in the newspaper about the 100 free surgeries initiative by PEOPLE TREE Foundation, so we met Dr. Ravi for the same. He said he could operate on her and he put a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid on her ear. Now Keerthi can hear properly. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Ravi and the entire staff of PEOPLE TREE Foundation for the support and care.” Keerthi 6yrs old from Rural Bangalore.

 “I am Younesh and I met with an accident 4-5 years back in which my legs were affected badly due to which I could not sit, stand, walk or work properly. A few months ago I read about the 100 free surgeries initiative by PEOPLETREE Foundation in the newspaper. I came to Dr.Chandrasekar for a consultation and he agreed to arrange donors for my surgery. My surgery was successful and from past 3 months I have started to go to work and walk normally again. I am very grateful to Dr.Chandrasekar, my donors and PEOPLE TREE Foundation for helping me”.   Younesh Patel 39 yrs. from a Village near Gulbarga 

“My name is Dhanush and I had some problem with my tooth. After visiting various dental hospitals, I could not find any relief to my problem. Then we came to PEOPLE TREE Hospitals where I was operated and my operation was funded by Mr.Kiran and Mr. Sushil. I am very thankful to both of them and to PEOPLE TREE Foundation for helping me.” Dhanush 10 years from Bangalore.

This Year (2015-2016) we aim to conduct 300 such surgeries for free of cost for the deserving needy patients.

For all the Surgeries conducted under this program, there is NO Professional Fee charged by our Surgeons. We are trying to raise funds only for the consumables cost like Hospital charges, Bed charges and Medicines.

You can help by either fully sponsoring or partly sponsoring (any amount) for the surgeries:


Fund Utilisation Statement

Your funds will be utilized towards treatment of deserving needy patients who requires highly complex surgeries.

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