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#21 Ground Floor, MCHS Colony, 5th Cross
16th Main, BTM layout 2nd Stage, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560076

Our Mission

Saahas runs programs focused on “Source Segregation” and “Decentralized Waste Management”. Our vision is of a Zero Waste World, just like how nature meant it to be.

Work and Achievements

Decentralized Waste Management Programs:

Saahas has set up three community waste processing centers which process segregated waste generated from surrounding communities. The wet waste is composted and the dry waste I further sorted into 15-17 categories and sent to recyclers. This ensures 90% resource recovery. The 10% rejects are handed over to authorized vendor for reject waste handling and disposal. These centers are called Kasa Rasa and are located in Ejipura, Koramangala and Whitefield.

Rural Waste Management Program

Saahas is running a dry waste collection program called “Beyond the Broom” in 11 villages in Bellary district. More than 100T of dry waste has been collected and been prevented from dumping/open burning. This program caters to around 11,000 households. Similar program has been initiated in Hubbali district also.

E-waste awareness and collection program

Saahas with a partner NGO, ENSYDE, is running a e-waste awareness program which includes focussed awareness campaigns, placing of collection boxes in public places and deploying a mobile collection van. Under this program, we have reached out to 15000 people and collected more than 2 Tons of e-waste in three months.

Urban Source Segregation Program

Saahas has initiated a exhaustive source segregation implementation program in Gururam in the year 2017. This is a three year program which will cover households, tech parks/offices/malls and schools. The program also involves working with waste workers to provide training and improve their revenue potential.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The lakes in Bangalore are dying due to rampant dumping of waste in them. We aim to run a program in slums around Kundanahalli lake, where we spread awareness about waste segregation ensure collection

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