Tribal Health Initiative

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Tribal Health Initiative


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Our Mission

THI helps tribals in a forested area in Tamil Nadu in health and community development.

Work and Achievements

Tribal Health Initiative works in a remote forested valley in Tamil Nadu, where 95% of the people are tribals.

The Base Hospital now caters to the tribal population of this remote area with a drainage area of more than one lakh. There is now a full fledged 45 bedded secondary care hospital which sees more than 30,000 patients and does about 600 surgeries a year.

Community Health: Tribal girls undergo training to get a Diploma. They work in the hospital and are active in the community. 37 barely literate tribal ladies coming from 33 villages act as Health Auxiliaries. They cater to about 18,000 tribals in the remote villages. A team from the hospital visits each of the 33 villages once a month. Due to this Infant mortality which was over 147/1000 has come down to 20/1000 .

We have started an insurance scheme for Rs.100/- per year  for elderly tribals and a school health program to teach health practices in remote schools..

Tribal Farming Initiative has 300 farmers doing organic agriculture and the marketing of  produce. The Women farmer groups now value-add to the local produce to get a better profit.

Tribal Craft Initiative consists of 50 Lambadi women who have started reviving their almost extinct embroidery skills. Their enterprise now makes products for the Indian and foreign market.

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Fund Utilisation Statement

Funds focused for medical care of tribals especially women and children

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