NalandaWay Foundation

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NalandaWay Foundation

AH-103, 2nd Floor, 
4rd Street, Anna Nagar, 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 
India -600040

Our Mission

Transforming the lives of underprivileged children using arts. Tamil Nadu and Delhi NCR.

Work and Achievements

NalandaWay envisions creating a platform through art for children from challenging socio-economic backgrounds learn life skills and realize their potential.

NalandaWay uses the transformative power of arts for creative, therapeutic and educational purposes for children from marginalized backgrounds.

Our programs:

1. Arts in Education: Our flagship program for empowering teachers to create a joyful learning environment for children and expand the students’ creativity by integrating arts, drama and theatre exercises in teaching. It is currently being run in 131 schools with 1100+ teachers and 34,000+ children getting benefited.

2. Art Labs: our specially created art studios offer specialized courses to children from underprivileged backgrounds who show promise in fine arts, craft, music, dance, drama and media. We currently have 10 Art Labs across Chennai, Coimbatore and Delhi. Over 2500 students have benefited so far on a weekly basis.

3. Arts for Healing: Children from Corporation/Government run primary schools with developmental disabilities get professional intervention services. The program aims to educate and empower such students to be dignified, independent, contributing members of the mainstream society.

4. Kanavu Pattarai: this program (‘Workshop of Dreams’ in Tamil) helps adolescent students in overcoming depression and disruptive behaviour, improve their self-worth and grow up into positive individuals. Over 1400 students have benefited so far from this program.

5. Chennai Children’s Choir: this is a cherished initiative of NalandaWay that has children from the disadvantaged homes in Chennai forming a world class choir. Started in 2015, the Choir has developed a wide repertoire of songs in multiple languages and has performed at venues in Chennai and in the Serenade! Washington DC International Choral Festival in the US in 2018.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Programs for underprivileged children. Arts in Education- to create a joyful learning environment. Art Labs- study of visual and performing arts. Arts for Healing- counselling and professional intervention for special children.

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