K. C. Mahindra Education Trust

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K. C. Mahindra Education Trust

Gateway House
Apollo Bunder, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 
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Our Mission

Project Nanhi Kali is one of India’s largest project that enables underprivileged girls to complete 10 years of schooling. The project provides 360- degree educational support to over 150,000 disadvantaged primary and secondary school girls in remote rural, tribal and urban poor areas across 11 states in India where female literacy levels are very low.

Work and Achievements

Project Nanhi Kali

  • Academic Support: The Academic Support is provided through Nanhi Kali Academic Support Centres. These are support classes which are conducted either before or after school hours. The classes are conducted by Community Associates selected from within the community with the vision that they will be local resources to act as friends and mentors to the children and at the same time encourage community interest and proactive action for quality education. The teaching strategy is based on cooperative and reflective learning where the focus is on enabling learning rather than on teaching.

The Yellow Tablet: Girls in the secondary schools are provided with Digital tablets preloaded with in- built English and Maths lessons in audio and video, enabling them to study both, in the classroom and later in their homes.

  • Material Support: Material support comprises of an education kit typically comprising of uniforms, undergarments, pullovers, shoes, socks, a school bag, stationery, note books and even hygiene material for the older girls.
  • Social Support: The Nanhi Kali team works extensively with the community, sensitizing them on the importance of girl child education and against various social evils like child marriage and gender discrimination. Events are organised wherein the community members, especially women, participate actively. Thus, we provide a much needed platform to change mind-sets and negative attitudes towards the girl child.

Impact of the Project

  • Currently supporting the education of over 150,000 Nanhi Kalis across India.
  • Drop-out curtailed to less than 10%, as compared to national drop out average of over 63%
  • Year on year increase in learning levels up to 20%
  • Project Nanhi Kali has been instrumental in bringing about positive social change in several communities across India.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds generated through Airtel Delhi Half Marathon would be utilized to educate underprivileged girls in the remote areas of the country where Project Nanhi Kali is expanding.

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