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iPartner India

4/303, Second Floor, 
Kaushalya Park, Hauz Khas, 
Delhi, New Delhi, 
India -110016

Our Mission

iPartner India’s mission is to give voice to grassroots NGOs and inspire individuals & businesses to join efforts in creating a better India. 


Work and Achievements

iPartner India comes with 10 years of experience and expertise of working closely on the ground with local Indian NGOs. Having invested over £9 million in more than 90 programs across 22 states in India, iPartner India has helped transform the lives of over 900,000 people and moved them from `Marginalised to Mainstream’. iPartner India works on a range of issues including vulnerable children, education, women & livelihoods, environment, health and
anti child trafficking. We do this through building capacity of under-funded NGOs, working across these issues.
Every8minutes Campaign

  • Children are falling through the cracks, invisible and unnoticed, despite child rights and child protection programs and interventions.
  •  Launched by iPartner India, Every 8 Minutes is the first campaign of its kind that aims to stop child trafficking. The National Crime Bureau Report says that every 8 minutes a child goes missing.
  • We work on anti child trafficking across India to end this modern day slavery. From prevention, to rescue, to healing – the slow journey begins towards bringing the life back into these children’s eyes.
  • iPartner India launched a national anthem #DontYouDare. It’s a powerful social anthem. Without seeing the face of a “trafficker” it is tough to generate support. Without a common enemy, there will not be a large enough movement. So we are creating those imaginary enemies. We want to give those perpetrators a reason to worry; we want to give people all over India a rallying cry against them.

The call of the hour is for people like us to bring this issue out into the open, take it to the streets and right into the lives of the common citizens. We need more people to know about it, talk about it, realise how huge and grave the problem really is. Together, as a collective, we can build a force that puts these horrendous crimes against children to an end.

Fund Utilisation Statement

iPartner India will utilise the funds towards Every8Minutes campaign to stop child trafficking. To stop children from going missing and turning into products bought so cheap that a bottle of soda becomes more expensive.

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