Railway Children India

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Railway Children India

M-12/9, Lower Ground Floor, 
DLF Phase- II, 
Gurgaon, Haryana, 
India -122002

Our Mission

We strives for sustainable change in the lives of children who are alone and at risk on the streets. We believe in ‘A WORLD WHERE NO CHILD EVER HAS TO LIVE ON THE STREETS’.

Work and Achievements

What is Railway Children Doing?

The problem of street children in India is so prevalent that it goes unnoticed by society. They are an invisible population, not counted in the census and ignored by many. Unless their voices can be heard, the situation will not change. There are various reasons so many children end up fighting for survival alone on the streets of India.

  • Some simply get lost or go missing from their homes.
  • Others decide to leave due to poverty, neglect or abuse.
  • Many are taken and trafficked
  • Often, they head to the cities looking for work
  • Some live around the station with their families

The Approach

STEP ONE: Our 24-hour rescue workers go out on the railway stations to find & protect vulnerable children, reaching them before an abuser.

STEP TWO: We give a child a basic medical assessment, a safe home and a hot meal to protect them from dangers on the streets.

STEP THREE: We assess the child’s situation and what they need for long-term. We help them return home and if this is not possible, we provide a safe home, education & vocational training.

STEP FOUR: Follow up work is carried out for 12 months, once the child is placed back home or in long-term care.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Funds will be used to rescue lost children from Railway stations, before they end up as street children, and ensure their safe return to their families.

Our Supporters

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