Kolkata Clean Air

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Kolkata Clean Air

14 DL Khan Road, 
Jaju Bhawan, 
Kolkata, West Bengal, 
India -7OOO27

Our Mission

Our aim is to make Kolkata the most live-able and Climate friendly city in the world.

Work and Achievements

Kolkata Clean Air campaign came together in December 2017 . Since then we have been actively creating social awareness to help the citizens understand the causes and effects of air pollution through Signature campaigns, awareness walks, youth activation and involvement in forming street theatres groups and performing at strategic locations.

Our objectives are as follows : -

Environmental Activities: Youth get an opportunity in environmental decision making and developing strategies.

Awareness Generation: To help individuals to acquire knowledge, set of values, unbiased inferences and conclusions towards improving the air quality of the city.

Youth Leadership: Enhancing relevant characteristics of development among the youth through leadership skills, self-efficacy and building social responsibility.

Policy level Intervention : Essential research would be conducted under the leadership of researchers enlightening some striking ground realities which would be used for policy level interventions.

Media has played a critical role in spreading the message to millions of people by strengthening public opinion through air quality monitoring during IDBI marathon with the Quint team and covering press conference with eminent doctors of the city. We had reached out to 400 traffic constables, civil volunteers and auto rickshaw drivers through health camp with the help of Narayana Super-speciality hospitals for a health assessment of the most exposed population and interacted with students of  12 eminent school and colleges

Fund Utilisation Statement

Create citizen and youth awareness with a 360 degree approach which includes mobilization and activated action to create Eco - friendly zones around learning institutions.

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