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  • In Conversation with Enable India
    • 03rd May

    • 2015

    In Conversation with Enable India

    As we move closer to the launch of the TCS W10K 2014, we asked the representative from Enable India some questions in relation to the organizations experience at the TCS W10K 2013. In conversation with Enable India.  

    How did you go about raising funds last year? 

    Major source of fundraising was Brandcom who approached the organization first in carrying out fundraising and supporting the organization. Major outreach with the individuals done through social media like facebook and emails. 


    How helpful has that funds been to the organization and the beneficiaries?

    The funds raised was specifically utilized for the general expenses like office operation and in areas which was not a part of project and that area which lacks support and funding. 


    Has it motivated you to do better this year? 

    Yes, it has always motivated us personnally and also as an organization with more focus on creating contacts. 

    Has the visibility of the organization improved due to it?

    Enable India is developed enough, the W10K has definitely helped the organization to get even more visibility. It has had even more people supporting for the cause each year.


    Your target this year?

    The target this year is more in terms of raising more funds and targeting to connect with 6 corporates, and CEO Run. 

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