CPR - Cubbon Park Rejuvenation

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CPR - Cubbon Park Rejuvenation

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Our Mission

Rejuvenation of the water bodies - Traditional Wells, Kalyanis and Ponds, of the lung space of Bengaluru, Cubbon Park

Work and Achievements

Cubbon Park Rejuvenation - CPR project was started under the aegis of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru, with support of Mr Ramprasad of Friends of Lakes who helped obtain permission to clean the Wells, interconnect them to harvest the natural water table that the Park is, and the expert guidance of Zen Rainman of Bengaluru, Mr Vishwanath we made big plans.

Phase I - 

Peddanna and his team of 15 Well diggers, with  support from the Horticulture Department's Deputy Director Mr Mahantesh, we started work on 15th May 2017. By 30th May  this was completed - draining, cleaning and covering of the seven Wells at  a cost Rs 5.73 lakh was contributed by Individuals and Procam International

Laying pipes, pumps, meshes from the Wells connecting to the sump that provides the sprinklers systems to make sure the water reaches the flora and fauna in the Park was completed in January 2018, testing and monitoring of  the systems just concluded in February. This phase costed Rs 23.65 lakh.

An amazing 65,000 litres of water,  in the least, is now every day to nurture the 200 acres of Bengaluru's precious Lung Space.

The Phase II for which we need your support is -

  1. Digging rain water recharge Wells to bring water to the Kalyani's (ponds) and revive the water bodies. It also means sustainability of this water table for as long as there are rains in Bengaluru!  Preliminary study of the placement of rainwater water trenches is underway.  We estimate around 50-75 rain water Wells, 20-30 feet in depth will be needed at the minimum. This  will cost Rs 17.25 lakh
  2. Then we take up cleaning, repairs and construction of silt traps, strengthening of bunds. of 2 ponds at an approximate cost of Rs 20 lakh.

The  Phase II has time frame of 6-8 months. We appeal to every person, company, group that cares for our City & Environment to contribute.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Fund will be use for phase II - rain water harvesting system for sustainable water needs of Cubbon Park.

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