AIM for Seva

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AIM for Seva

2nd Floor, Srinidhi Apartments, 
No.4, Desika Road, Mylapore, 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 
India -600004

Our Mission

Empowerment through value-based education; through 95 Free Student Hostels spread across 16 states in India, we ensure children in rural India have access to education.

Work and Achievements

AIM for Seva’s Free Student Hostels provide complete care and provide access to education to children in rural India. Today, AIM for Seva has 95 Free Student Hostels across 16 states in India; in the last 17 years, over 20 million lives have been touched.

Salient Features: Located near a local school, a free student hostel provides education and access to education, accommodation, food, clothing, after-school academic support, extracurricular activities, health check-ups to students at no cost.

Holistic Development - Besides education, we emphasize on holistic development of students through a rigorous schedule stressing on.

Sports - We encourage both indoor and outdoor games like chess, carrom, cricket, football and athletics for development of leadership skills and team work.

Yoga and Daily Prayers - A daily routine of prayer and yoga ensures a healthy mind and body while inculcating cultural values and knowledge.

Extracurricular Activities - Creativity and out of the box thinking are encouraged with activities like story writing, art, sculpting, theatre, annual day and festival celebrations, etc.

  • After-school Academic Support - 99% of the students enrolled in our hostels are with first generation learners and we engage tutors for Maths, Science and Languages whenever additional support is required.
  • Health Check-ups - A complete medical check-up of students is conducted biannually. Frequent dental and eye check-ups are also held in partnership with local healthcare practitioners.
  • Management - A resident warden and cook look after the children while a regional level coordinator oversees the operations of each hostel.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds raised will be utilized to setup Free Student Hostels in rural India – A FSH enables children to realize their true potential by providing them access to schools and equipping them with life skills.

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